Profile picture showing a purple space pirate folf with some darker accents. His fur is starry and he has a cybernetic collar. The background is a snowy landscape. Art by me.

My Fursona

Purple space folf waves at you!

Sticker by sirlan

Who dis?

It me! I consider my fursona to be me, so feel free to free to refer to me as a folf! The human body is disposable, once an escape procedure is available :3

I go by a couple slightly generic nicknames online, this is because I haven’t found a name I’d prefer, and my assigned one is not it, so as of now it’s a bit ambiguous.

What dis?

My sona doesn’t canonically have a biology or one “correct” physical form, as I see him as a projection of myself, he’s a mental construct. He can appear in drawn form, as a 3D model, in your imagination, or (hopefully in the long-term future) as a physical or virtual entity that supersedes the meat prison, in all those cases he is just me.