Profile picture showing a purple space pirate folf with some darker accents. His fur is starry and he has a cybernetic collar. The background is a snowy landscape. Art by me.

Xonotic Server

You can join by connecting to, or by searching for illegal floof fights in the server browser

A couple modifications were made to the game:

Despite their reputation as being hard to get into, arena FPSes can be a lot of fun even if you’re just starting out, so don’t worry if you’re new! Check out Halogene’s Newbie Corner for a guide! Also be nice to yourself, you’re gonna lose a lot, but you’ll crawl your way up the leaderboard in no time!

Server logs are retained for 30 days. In the future I may do some automated (local) processing on chat messages and game stats for a reputation system to weed out the spam and votekick bots. For now voting as spectator has been disabled.